Potting Machines

High Speed Pot Filler

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Model No: 13537

The High Speed Pot Filler is designed for the greenhouse grower who fills high volumes of smaller sized decorative pots. This pot filler provides simplicity of operation, low maintenance, and quick change-overs. The High Speed Pot Filler consistently dispenses and fills pots with variable speed soil delivery to match the size of the container being filled.

This pot filler dispenses and fills 3 1/2" to 6 1/2" hard style azalea pots. Larger pots up to 10" hanging baskets can be filled when hand fed. Sample pots must be sent to factory for verification.

The High Speed Pot Filler features a 1.3 cubic-yard soil hopper with variable speed soil delivery, easy adjustments for quick change-overs, variable speed potting belts, and powered rotary brush. Twin variable speed timing belts carry the pots under the soil flow. Excess soil is brushed away and returned to the soil hopper.


Power: 220 V/ single phase/ 50 or 60 Hz
Dimensions: 103"L x 75"W x 68"H
Production: up to 7,200 3 1/2" pots per hr.
Weight: Approximately 954 lbs
Options: Frame and 10" pneumatic tires
Take-Off Conveyor
Assorted dispenser sizes
Portability: 4" casters